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Title: Set The Fire To The Third Bar (feat. Martha Wainwright) Artist: Snow Patrol 350 plays


Set the Fire to the Third Bar | Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright

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LIFE in the 20s



Phèdre, Alexandre Cabanel, 1880.



Challenge 3: The past

The subject of your graphic must be something that happened in the past from the point of view of when it was made. For example, all kind of historic shows or movies like Deadwood, Mad Men, Pride & Prejudice, The Pillars of the Earth, etc. But also time-travelling stories where someone goes to the past (but focus on the past, don’t just do a picspam of the facial expression of the Doctor in a “past” episode) or flashbacks.

For example, Buffy the vampire slayer is a show where the stories took place in the time it was written so regular scenes don’t count, but flashbacks to the vampires’ past do, but in Mad Men all the stories take place before the time it was written so you can make a graphic of anything about that show.

I hope that makes sense, otherwise ask!

Do mention what challenge you’re posting for in your post, otherwise I will assume it’s for a previous challenge and I won’t reblog.

Read the rules and check the rules tag during the challenge.
This challenge ends Friday 18 March.


tíz lépés, száz lépés távolság kell
nem számít merre csak el, tőled el
mit mondhatnál, mit mondhatnék, elfogytunk rég
szemeinkből nézd
hova tűnt a fény

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